Helping Families in Need During Pandemic & Beyond

Millions of people around the world have been affected due to COVID19 Pandemic. There are no exceptions to people in Sri Lanka. Among them, families who were already below poverty line and the most vulnerable people such as seniors and children have been severely affected. They need our support and your support to survive during this most horrific time in the human history. Together, we can give these people and families a little hope, motivation and courage to face their challenges. Please visit our humanitarian projects on this website to help these poor and vulnerable people during this pandemic and be kind to donate a DOLLAR.

“Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy” –

Helping Poor Families During Pandemic

By Dr. Sumith Kahanda partnered with

Millions of people have lost their jobs during this Pandemic. There is are no exceptions to people in Sri Lanka. The Government does its best to help people but it won’t continue for long. However, they struggle. The most vulnerable people and families who are already below poverty line need a great deal of support for a foreseeable future. For a country like Sri Lanka, this is a huge burden. Low income families in Sri Lanka receive Rs 5000 each per month for two months during this COVID19 pandemic. This is an equivalent to $37 CAD or $27 US or 25 Euros. Average family size is 4. Imagine living off of $37 CAD per month.  It is really tough. We want to reach out to these  people to give them hopes. Our target is to raise $5000 CAD and help poor families in Sri Lanka. We can do that with your kind support. Together we can do it. Your dollar is worth more than you think. We know everyone is suffering one way or the other. Do your best to help a family during this pandemic. Bless you. Thanks.

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Meet Our Team

sumith kahanda

Sumith Kahanda
Main Organizer

Dr. Sumith is the main organizer of the fund raising events for our humanitarian projects and provides his guidance and directions to the projects. Sumith currently lives in Saskatoon, Canada. You can reach him via email and social media platforms.

danesh maduranga

Danesh Edirisooriya
Project Manager

Danesh manages the projects in Sri Lanka from initiation to completion. He is the Director of Foundation. Danesh is a award winning community volunteer and an entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka.

nilanthi edirisooriya

Nilanthi Edirisooriya
Project Supervisor 

Nilanthi is the project supervisor with
Foundation with a great passion to help people.

lahiru nuwan

Lahiru Nuwan
Project Coordinator

Lahiru is the project coordinator for these projects.